The Shahnameh provides a poetic account of the prehistory and history of Iran, beginning with the creation of the world and the introduction of the arts of civilization (fire, cooking, metallurgy, law), and ending with the Islamic Conquest of Persia” We started our company as a film producer in 2004, and on the other side we have an audio visual training institute in the region of Midi-Pyrénées. The great passion of this company has always been presenting the mythic of Persia “shah-nameh”.

We have always believed in these histories, and the great potential that lies behind it. If one day this masterpiece realizes as an art of cinematography everyone will enjoy it. It has been our long time aim, during the past five years, we have made three teasers of the most famous part “rostam & esfandiar” in our own studio. We revived all of the characters, narration, ambiance and we have made a reconstruction of Persepolis and Babylon, even each small house we have replicated with great detail. Since 2005 we have presented in various film & animation festivals. Our hope is that in the world of animation the histories of shah-nameh will become popular and recognised as very relevant to modern life philosophy and that we will obtain the support and investment we need.

In Europe animation is much more for children than adults, it's not always easy to find sponsors today. We feel that with the correct financing for the publicity and promotion, this work of art will be done the justice it merits. 5 years after our last teaser in 2008, we made another decision, to make full use of our creative and technical abilities. Having spent the last five years of research, development (and lots of hard work) , we are proud to bring out our new series of online graphic novels. These histories are for all who are interested and intrigued by the combination of ancient mythology, heroic tales and the legends within Persian history in an animated form. And also to encourage the people who know of Shah-nameh to help us to achieve our goal... to bring back these histories and make them popular again. Our series of graphic novels are already presented in three languages and we are constantly developing new stories within the Shah-nameh series. Our main long term goal is to make the full length animation movie of shah-nameh. To achieve this, and the many episodes that run hand in hand with this subject, we need solid financial backing from sound investors. We encourage you to be an important part of this exciting project.

cyrus productions